Pedal to the Metal in Kaikoura

09 Mar 2017

by Jordan Boot

Have you ever been on a kayaking tour where your arms are just seriously sore and you don't have the will power to keep going? Well, worry no more! Levi's Pedal Kayaks have the answers to all your questions! Why paddle when you can pedal? That's right, pedal. Levi's kayaks are special because they give the rider the freedom to enjoy the scenery, take photos, all with minimum effort!

I had the chance to experience one of Levi's sunset tours with him on a fine summers evening, and all of my images are taken by wearing a GoPro Chest strap which normally would just get footage of my arms going back and forth with a paddle in my hands.... BUT not with the pedal kayaks! Instead you get to see the soothing motion of my legs circling, quite rapidly might I add, as my buddy in the back wasn't helping me much on moving forward. Nevertheless, I persisted onwards to see seals fighting in the water, feasting on fish, and 3 little blue penguins!

Even though I'm a local in Kaikoura, and witness this kind of sea-life on the regular, getting a different perspective of their habitat so close to myself was exciting and something new. Watching the sunset over the mountains from the serenity of the sea is a very humbling experience. I found myself completely at peace and melting into my kayak seat underneath the orange and red sky as we drifted with the tide. 

Me, being part of the easily seasick club, starting to feel pretty sleepy after 2 hours on the ocean so heading into shore I couldn't help but speed for solid land. Overall, a great experience which I would do again in a heartbeat. Enjoyed every second of it!

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