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13 Jan 2015

Though the Christmas rush and New Year’s hangover has slowly dissipated, it is a great time to get to a one of the Kiwi Holiday Parks throughout the country while the sun is shining and keep those kids out of your hair while experiencing what each Park has to offer. Whether it’s a short weekend away or a longer term opportunity to relax, the staff at our Kiwi Holiday Parks are more than happy to tell you about all of the sights and scenery and what the region has to offer.


If you’re the typical camping New Zealand family, and just about to throw everything in the car, ensure that you pack the following items as you begin to create your life-long memories!


Ten things to pack when camping


  1. Tent – most important when you’re camping! It pays to put the tent up, air it out and test the water-proofing prior to your holiday to ensure that it will hold-up over the holiday period and that there are no missing bits to it when you erect it on site.  Make sure that you have the necessary tools to put up the tent as well, such as a mallet or hammer.

  2. Bedding – even though each day you’ll be out experiencing what the region has to offer, you need to come back to something to lay your weary head. Ensure you have adequate bedding for a good night’s rest.

  3. Food and drink – you’ll be needing to refuel throughout your stay so ensure that you have enough food to sustain the family’s appetite till you can access the nearest store or supermarket.

  4. Cooking appliance – whether this is a portable gas stove or bbq etc. you’ll need something to cook with. Don’t forget to ensure you have filled the LPG bottles or have spare canisters prior to leaving home. Some Parks will have communal ovens that can be used but this does limit the spontaneity of eating, especially if the kids cannot be found!

  5. Utensils and plates – you’ll need to ensure that you have something to eat from and with when the first sausage comes off the hot plate, and a cup to wash something down with it.

  6. Sunscreen – New Zealand has had a great hot summer. Make sure that you have sunscreen to protect yourself and the family from the sun. Remember – slip, slop, slap and wrap.

  7. Jandals/Sandals – Nothing says camping more than jandals. Easy to slip on for a trip across the park, bathroom duties, and extendable to the shower.

  8. Togs & towel – enough said!

  9. Board games & a pack of cards – the one thing that cannot be guaranteed is the weather. To keep yourself and the kids occupied on those wet days, a great idea is to have a couple of board games and a pack of cards to entertain.

  10. Toilet Bag – the final item houses all of the hygiene requirements; soap and soap holder, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, razor and shaving cream, deodorant. Everything you need to feel refreshed and to take on the day. 


These ten items will provide a little comfort when camping and ensure you’ve got the basics covered. If you would like a more comprehensive list, click here to view.


Is there something that you pack and wouldn’t leave home without? Let us know below in a comment.



Photo Credits:

Full van by Simon Law, CC-BY-2.0

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