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02 Jul 2014

At Kiwi Holiday Parks, we encourage visitors to share their experiences with us, their friends and families. A travel blog is one of the easiest ways to share your experiences. These days it’s easy to access, create and update a blog. Blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger provide simple and interactive features, enabling you to customise your blog and add what you like to it – text, pictures, video and more.

Man using laptop on beach

Why blog?

The best part about creating a blog of your holiday in New Zealand is that you can access and edit it almost anywhere and share it with anyone. If you have your 

own laptop or tablet there are plenty of places around the country that offer free or cheap wifi. All of our Kiwi Holiday Parks have internet access or we can direct you to the nearest library or internet café.

Your blog will have your own personal touch. Pick your own colours, layout, and add as many pictures as you want. You can manage privacy settings if you want only a selected group of people to see your blog.

Document your day-by-day journey with photos or videos, or link to places you have been and where you have stayed – give your opinion, what you liked about it or an interesting fact you learned along the way.

Simple tips for an outstanding blog

Blogs that stand out are not only visually appealing but easy to read and interact with.


Break your text into paragraphs. A big block of writing is hard to read on a screen, especially if it’s stretched from one side to the other. Insert quotes, links, reviews, photos or videos for more interest and to add substance.


Beautiful photos last a lifetime. Adding photos to a blog draws the ey

e in and provides an interesting break from text.

How to take a great photo:
- Try to stand with the sun at your back
- Keep the horizon level
- Use the rule of thirds
- Don’t be afraid to experiment with light or camera settings


Ensure your spelling is correct before publishing a post about your latest escapade! It’s easy to run a spellcheck on your post before publishing.


Ask people to comment on your blog – they may have tips for where to explore next or suggestions for new activities to try.


Share links via your Facebook or Twitter page. It’s an easy and quick way to share your posts with friends and family and encourage others to interact with your blog.

Two boys sitting outside using laptop

Get started today!

You can read about some of my adventures right here on the Kiwi Holiday Parks blog! Or check out some other inspiring travel blogs - thecuriouskiwi and New Zealand Adventure blog are both great examples.

We wish you the best of luck with your blog! We’d love to check your travel blog out once you get started. Feel free to leave us a link to your blog in the comments area below! If you'd like to have one of your blog posts featured on our blog, please contact us with a link to your blog post and we'll be in touch to discuss!


Photo credits:

Computing Outdoors by zoovroo, CC BY 2.0

Amager Strandvej Copenhagen by uros velickovic,CC BY 2.0

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