Making it easier to book Kiwi Holiday Parks and Accommodation

23 Nov 2017

Last month we spoke about our rebranding to Kiwi Holiday Parks and Accommodation (KHPA) to reflect our broad range of accommodation types: motels, cabins and campsites. Today we’d like to show you how we’ve made it easier for you to book your KHPA stays, and to save with the Kiwi Card.

Mobile friendly booking made easy

These day we do almost everything on our phones, and booking our holidays and accommodation is no different. In appreciation of this we’ve overhauled our booking engine to make it more mobile friendly. Not only does this help you before you set off on your journey, it also means you can change your travel plans on-the-fly as you explore this great country and the 41 quality KHPA sites scattered around it. For instance, if you’ve made it as far north as the Bay of Islands and you’d like to venture further towards Cape Reinga, you can jump on your phone and quickly book a couple of nights at Ahipara. Too easy.


Make connected bookings at multiple locations

We recognised it wasn’t as straightforward to make multiple bookings at different KHPA locations as it should be, so we did something about it. If you’re going on a bit of a ‘tiki tour’ you can now check availability at one location and book your stay there, then hit the Add Another Booking button before reaching the payment stage. This allows you to go back and search availability at other locations, and add further bookings to your itinerary before you proceed to the payment stage. You can book as many locations as you’d like, pay for them all at once, and receive an itinerary detailing the dates and locations of your different bookings. Sweet as.

See what you can save with Kiwi Card!

Our Kiwi Card offers holidaymakers and overnighters great discounts on accommodation, car and campervan rental, ferry crossings, and attractions and activities. We’ve changed our booking interface so these potential savings are more visible, showing you the true value of having your own Kiwi Card. A one-off fee of $35 gives you a Kiwi Card membership for two years, and access to discounts from our partners here in New Zealand and across the ditch in Australia. Find out how to get your Kiwi Card here.



Get your summer sorted with KHPA

Now that you’re well versed on our recent changes, why not give them a test drive as you organise your summer holiday? Return to your old favourite or perhaps pick out a new spot to visit on our map of locations. Once you have your accommodation sorted, start researching what activities you can get stuck into.


Don’t forget your Kiwi Card, and stay safe in the sun and surf this summer!


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