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06 Aug 2013

Waitangi Treaty GroundsYou really can’t come to Paihia and not go to the Waitaingi Treaty Grounds, as a New Zealander it is  you birth right to experience the history of the birth of New Zealand. (free to kiwis with proof of id) and every visitor will enjoy this experience. I have been several times and it never ceases to amaze me the beauty of the grounds, the mission house and beautiful Maori meeting house.  The humble beginnings and the power and passion between the British and the Maori and what took place.  If only the young Rev Busby’s daughter had been old enough to write a journal on the events she saw and heard that come to shape new Zealand.  Guided tours and Cultural performances are available.

I had the chance to do something exciting and scary right here in Paihia.  I was part of a group to experience being a warrior in a Waka.  This is really a different thing to do!!! We told and taught a chant to say to give us the rhythm to row and had us seated and off we went upstream to the beautiful Hururu Falls, this was great hard work but really interesting.   Where else would you have the chance to do this, we stopped off at varies points along the way and where told of Maori customs and history. My arms and shoulders got a work out but that was brilliant! Ring or email to really do something out of the comfort zone!

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