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04 Nov 2015

With the temperatures warming, the wet weather subsiding and the kids back to school for the last term, the end of year and Christmas period (did we just mention Christmas?) is now fast approaching.

And with Christmas comes the extended period of time off work and school that we all get to experience. This family time is often precious these days, especially with many parents now both working. And with a desire to relax, recuperate and refresh, there is always the driver to ‘get away’ and experience New Zealand – it may be the annual family holiday spot that you’ve travelled to since you were a small boy/girl, or alternatively you’re looking to start your own holiday traditions, or just to get away from home for an extended period.

Well thankfully the Kiwi Holiday Parks cover the four corners of New Zealand and provide the very best of what New Zealand has to offer. Whether it be beaches, forest, or right in the middle of a tourist destination, our accommodation, parks and facilities are right in the thick of it.



That’s the good news, but there is some potentially bad news looming on the horizon if you’re still thinking and not acting upon your holiday destination and Kiwi Park Holiday. The summer season is the busiest season for all accommodation providers – not just Kiwi Holiday Parks. So to miss disappointment (and those long faces of those children as they are stuck at home), be sure to get in early and secure your spot in your part of paradise, whether that be in the Catlins, Golden Bay, Turangi or the Bay of Islands.

Quite often we secure bookings a year out – people actually book next year’s holiday with us when they check out! With 47 parks nation-wide, you’ve got a lot of choice in terms of destinations but don’t be the proverbial procrastinator – act now.

You’re probably well aware of the multiple benefits of staying at a Kiwi Holiday Park, (if not be sure to read more here) but the one thing worth noting is the need to secure a Kiwi Card – the card that gives you savings across the board, at any Kiwi Holiday Park in the country. Simply by purchasing a Kiwi Card for $35, you are able to save 10% on all bookings made over two years! Oh, and were Fly Buys affiliated as well. That means for every $20 spent at a Kiwi Holiday Park you’ll be earning Fly Buys – head away and then when you get home you’ll have a present waiting on your door step.



And it doesn’t just stop there, we’ve secured some great deals from other key businesses such as the Bluebridge Ferry, Ace Rental Cars, Apollo Campervan Rentals and huge discounts on tours, adventure activities, museums & food all over the country.

For a full list of the 65 awesome discounts you can click here.

How much can a Kiwi Card saves me?

Well for a $35 investment your savings can be into the hundreds of dollars. And since the card is valid for 2 years, the savings pay for the card many times over.

We look forward to hosting you and the family shortly – but make sure you pick up the phone or book online today. We want to able to help create those memories that your kids and their kids will experience for many more years to come.


Beach Cricket, by Colin J, CC by SA 2.0
Playground courtesy of Wanaka Kiwi Holiday Park & Motels
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