Debunking the Holiday Park Myths

05 Aug 2015

When you think of a holiday park, you potentially have a vision that maybe fostered from imagery of our conception in the New Zealand market, or constant advertising that focusing on summer, families and lost cost camping.

In this article, I’ll look to break down the top 3 myths that you are likely to encounter if you’re looking at Kiwi Holiday Parks as a legitimate accommodation provider in an area where you need to stay overnight or longer term.


Myth 1: It’s all camping, communal kitchens and toilets

And you’d be right … and wrong. While much of the kiwi holiday experience is centered on camping, park-up areas for campervans, and communal areas – including kitchens and toilets, many of our parks have a variety of ‘roofed’ accommodation provision.

Don’t just think camp sites, tents, caravans and campervans, you’re only scratching the surface. Let’s face it, some people are ‘glampers’ – they love the notion of camping but just need that element of glamour! Luckily, Kiwi Holiday Parks have got you covered with a range of motels, self-contained units, bathroom cabins, kitchen cabins, standard cabins, and hostels and lodges.


Each park’s ‘roofed’ accommodation options will differ, but don’t think your next holiday or excursion is limited to sleeping in a tent at a Kiwi Holiday Park – there is so much more on offer.

Click here to learn more about the variety of different accommodation options available.


Myth 2: Holiday Parks are for people that are on holiday!

Again, there is a significant part of the Kiwi Holiday Park market that stay with us for their holidays. Completely understandable – it’s in our name!

But, and a big BUT, due to our different accommodation types, great rates and close proximity to services, amenities and central business districts of the regions and towns we cater to, we are great solution for the business market – especially those salespersons that spend a lot of time on the road.

Often or not after a long day on the road, people just need a nice and relaxing place to wind down. A Kiwi Holiday Park offers the perfect solution, and with the added bonus of additional amenities such a washing and laundry facilities, pools and spas and wifi the business traveler can get the functional activities sorted as well as feeling a little pampered away from home.  There are relaxing communal areas at Kiwi parks as well so if you need some socializing, there are plenty of places to find out what your neighboring tourist has been up to during the day.

When you’ve been on the road for a while and eating takeout to takeout, a motel or kitchen cabin option provides the facilities to cook your own meal and the ability to sit down and enjoy your masterpiece in the comfort of a homely environment rather than a stuffy restaurant.

Can’t get to the gym – we’ll don’t worry. Some of our parks have gym facilities as well – simply give your local park a call to discuss the facilities they have.  Are you doing your part to go green? Kiwi Parks have electric car hook ups to recharge your electric car as well.


“I prefer staying at Kiwi Holiday Parks over motels.  The rooms are bigger, they have cooking facilities and I can socialize with others if I want.  It’s like being on holiday while I’m working.”

Justin Smith, Salesman



Our accommodation isn’t just limited to the holiday and business sectors – need a romantic getaway for the weekend? Well don’t waste your money on a fancy hotel where you’re only going to lay your head. Get the same luxury with a Kiwi Holiday Park motel or cabin and use the extra money to experience some of the amazing activities surrounding the park with your loved one.

Image courtesy of Alpine Pacific

And when you’re staying at a holiday park, you can guarantee you’ll be hosted in some of the most pristine environments, scenery and settings. Mountains, valleys, sun, sand and surf – our parks are situated in picture-perfect locations. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

Treating the other half doesn’t need to cost a lot – and it won’t when you stay with a Kiwi Holiday Park!

Myth 3: Holiday Parks are for summer accommodation

The summer months are often or not some of the busiest times for an operator, but fortunately with New Zealand, many of our holiday parks are just as busy during our colder months.

With many activities that focus on the colder temperatures such as skiing and snowboarding, a Kiwi Holiday Park is the perfect place for you to stay. Located close to ski-fields, our holiday parks are the perfect home-base to retire too – offering dry, warm and heated accommodation units, self-contained hot showers, the ability to wash and dry clothing, and with some of the parks offering spa facilities to soak those weary bones. You’ll be well rested and ready to tackle the slopes the next day.


Time to book now

The joy about a Kiwi Holiday Park, is that no matter the season it is the perfect place to stay with so much to offer. With a Kiwi Holiday Park you are guaranteed a minimum of a 3 star rating (Qualmark), and with 49 parks nation-wide, we have somewhere for you to stay, no matter where your travels take you.

And don’t forget to become part of the Kiwi Holiday Park family – simply become a Kiwi Park VIP Member to get 15% off your next stay along with a raft of other savings nationwide.



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