Adrenaline Junkie

BungyNew Zealand is world famous for its extreme heart pumping activities

Maybe it’s something in the fresh New Zealand air that gives you, or some people, that sense of freedom and adventure.  Many of these heart pumping activities were invented here in New Zealand, such as bungy jumping and jet boating.

Kiwis continue to test the boundaries and invent new and exciting things to do every day.  There is something for everyone from the novice to the hard core professional.

Many say its life changing and others are too busy screaming to remember what it was like.  After a day of fear you can always relax at a comfortable and friendly Kiwi Holiday Park.

Here are a few favourite blood rushing activities to try:

Bungy Jumping

The most famous adreniline activity in New Zealand.  The first commercial bungy started in 1988 jumping from the Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown, and now visitors can experience this activity all over the country. Try a night jump or take a leap off the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge.   There are also many new extreme canyon swings that are combined with bungy.   


Caving has become popular in New Zealand with so many amazing caves to explore.  When you are done viewing the serenity of a cave why not try abseiling into black rivers and streams inside caves on a tube or kayak.  Cave in Waitomo in the North Island or the West Coast or Te Anau in the South Island. 


Zorbing is a fairly new activity where you are strapped into a plastic ball and rolled down a hill.  

Jet Boating

There are so many amazing rivers to explore in New Zealand, why not do it in a super fast boat, skimming tree lines and cliff sides.  Drivers also love to get your insides churning with the famous 360 degree turns.

Ice Climbing

Take a helicopter ride to the Fox or Franz Joseph glaciers for a hike across the ice carved crevasses


The ultimate adventure for many.  Test your will and nerve with a soaring flight over some stunning scenery. New Zealand longest skydiving drop is 15,000 feet in Taupo.

Whitewater Rafting

Take a day trip or a multi day adventure aboard a raft.  Whitewater rafting can go from an easy float to a grade 5 thrilling joyride.  Whatever the experience you can be guaranteed some amazing landscape along the way.

Skiing and Snowboarding

A fun and thrilling activity for the entire family.  In the North Island you can ski on a live volcano in the Tongariro National Park or choose from a number of scenic ski spots in the Southern Alps of the South Island to carve it up.  Heliskiing is a more adventurous way of playing in the snow.  A helicopter will drop you in a remote location with fresh snow and unchartered trails to conquer all on your own.  Check out more about Winter in New Zealand



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